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We understand that today's busy lifestyles, for many people owning a dog, makes it difficult to offer the time, love and attention their dog deserves. Whilst we appreciate many of us would love to own a dog but feel it is unkind to leave our dogs alone all day. Here at Wuff Wuff walks we provide personal care, where your dog is treated as part of the family, enjoying plenty of social interaction, play and a good walks with plenty of smells to sniff.

When your dog is with us, you can be assured they will be having a great time. For our Dog walking service we collect your best friend from your home and take them out for an exciting and stimulating walk. We use lots of different types of locations for our walks, like parks and woodlands in and around Hereford, Queenswood and Credenhill.

Our pet/ house sitting service is proving to be popular, and our diary is filling up. Please get in touch as soon as possible, with any dates you require (however close or far away they are), as we hate having to say NO! 

For our home visits we provide the opportunity for your pet to have a toilet break, playtime, fuss or to be feed, during the day when you are unable to get home



Taking care of your best friend

We collect your best friend from your home and take them out for an exciting and stimulating walk. We use lots of different parks and woodlands around Hereford, Queensood and Credenhill. The safety and security of your dog is paramount and so all of our walks are chosen with this in mind. Dogs are walked on the lead to begin with and then, with your permission, and when we deem it appropriate and safe to do so, we will let them off.

Dog Walks

Home Visits

Pet/House Sitting


Dog Walks

The majority of our walks are 1 hour group walks and with this in mind, we use all of our experience in matching up potential play mates. However, If you would rather have your dog walked individually, no problem! 

We can usually arrange 1 on 1 dog walking on  an individual basis and of course all family dogs can be walked together (discounts apply).


Pet/ House Sitting

Providing personal care for your best friend whilst you are away.

Your pets stay in the comfort of their own home with all their creature comforts. Providing you with the peace of mind that your best friend is happy and relaxed in their own environment. With the added bonus of your home not being empty whilst your away.


Home Visits

We will visit your pet at your home, give them a toilet break and feeding when required.

Then its lots of play and fusses!!

We offer pop in visits for both dogs and due to popular demand and the fact we love them, cats!

Get in touch!






Mon-Fri: 8am - 6pm


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